Accept Online Payments

Accept Secure Payments online for your firm or business.

Let 3AO Host Your Online Payments Page

A fully managed online payments page we setup for you using your new or existing domain.

SINGLEMost Popular$18

  • 1 Secure Payments Page
  • 1 Subdomain,
  • 1 Payments Form
  • Your company logo and contacts
  • 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
  • $89 Setup Fee
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eCOMMERCEMost Popular$34

  • Multiple Plan, & site hosting!
  • 10 Website Domains
  • 50GB Web Space
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • WordPress Manager
  • Professional Theme & Builder
  • eCommerce Powered
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FREE Domain Registration! Purchase any Premium or higher value plan and 3AO will pay for your first year of registration.

SAVE with prepayments! Get 2 months free when you pay annually. Get 1 year free when you pay triannually. Choose your plan length at checkout.

Relax. We take care of everything.

Now Your Company Looks Professional

A hosted online payments page gives your firm or small business a professional edge over competitors who don’t accept payments online.

A secure, branded payments page using your own domain makes you look much more professional.

Sure, you could take online payments using PayPal, but that’s not a professional solution when you’re trying to make an impression with clients and customers.

Easy Signup. No Worries.

You don’t have to know anything about web design, security, forms—none of that. 3AO’s team handles that for you.

As a managed service, we’ll design the payments form with all the information you need to accept payments online using whatever invoice system—or even no system—your company uses.

Your clients or customers simply fill out your payments form, add whatever invoice number or payment details you need to collect, and the online payments show up within your account usually with 1 to 3 business days.

Now how easy is that?

Beautiful Payment Forms

We’ll create a payment form that is beautiful and easy to use for your online clients and customers. The demo form below is live and shows you how easy it will be for your clients to pay you.

Use demo card number 4111-1111-1111-1111, any future card expiration date, and any 3-4 digit code, to test out how the form works.

Custom Payment Form

Billing Address
Test Mode

Secure Reliable Online Payments

Use our expertise to get your online payments up and running quickly and easily.

Integrated Fraud Protection

The payment form looks simple, but behind the scenes are massive resources in-play to make sure your form is not used by bots or bad actors.

No Data Vulnerabilities

No payment data is ever stored on your site, making data breeches impossible.

Customized Manage Solution

3AO’s design team will create a beautifully customized solution for your business without you having to lift a finger.

Accept All Major Cards

No matter what your clients and customers prefer, your 3AO payments page allows you to accept all major cards, including GooglePay, ApplePay, and more.


  • Our payment partner is Stripe.
  • Easy 5-minute account setup online.
  • No paperwork to sign typical with brick-and-mortar banks.
  • 3AO does not add fees or costs to use Stripe.
  • Must have a bank checking account to receive deposits.
  • Supports over 45 countries and currencies.
  • Must onboard securely with Stripe and be approved to accept payments through Stripe.