Affiliate Link Guide

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Affiliate Links

Setting Your Affiliate Cookie

When you refer someone to 3AO using a link, you want us to remember who you sent to the 3AO site. That way, you get the credit for the new client signup.

We remember referred clients using what is called a referral cookie. A cookie is simply a tiny text file any browser creates that allows the browser to remember some small piece of data, like your referral ID.

If your referred client signs up within 90 days of you sending them to us with your affiliate link, 3AO reads your affiliate ID from this cookie and us that you were the affiliate who referred them.

How to Use Referral Links

In the Affiliates area of your 3AO Client Portal, you will see an area with a link that looks like this:

Using this link alone will set the cookie on your client’s browser. However, just using this link alone redirects them back to Most of the time you will want to redirect your clients:

  • back your own landing page,
  • to a 3AO speciality specialty signup page, like,
  • or directly to the 3AO plan, like

Using a redirect often gives you more flexibility and control of the user experience with your site and 3AO.

Add a Redirect Parameter 

Using the above URL as a starting point, you can add a “redirect” parameter that tells 3AO to redirect your client back to whatever page you choose once we set the cookie on their browser.

The following URL illustrates how to add the redirect parameter along with your landing page URL. Replace the red numbers with your own affiliate ID. Add the bold &redirect= and then add the URL where you’d like your clients to land after 3AO sets our affiliate cookie.

Here’s an example URL:

NOTE that the redirect parameter will prepend an “https://” to your URL so you do not need to include this in your redirect URL.

Use 3AO Pre-made Referral Links

Use any of the following link examples to redirect your clients that best suits how you would like to do business. Be sure you change the below numbers in red with your own affiliate ID and the redirect parameter with your redirect URL.

Redirect to 3AO Authors & Writers Signup page

Redirect to each of the 3AO Author Plans

Affiliate Signup Pages

Industry-focused Signup Pages

You probably do not have time to create a full sales and signup page for your referrals. No worries, we’ve done that for you!

3AO provides an affinity group-specific signup page just for your audience.

For instance, 3AO offers affinity signup pages for:

with more on the way.

Use your affiliate link to link to any of our affinity signup pages for easy sell-through of your referred clients.

Here are some sample links to our branded signup pages:

Redirect to 3AO Authors & Writers Signup page

Be sure to replace the red affiliate ID with your own ID.

Getting Paid

How Payments Are Made

When you accumulate whatever balance within your affiliate account, you may request a payment at any time for any amount up to the maximum within your affiliate account.

You will need to provide us with your PayPal address as all affiliate payments paid by 3AO are via PayPal.